Welcome to Valensole town, in the Alpes De Haute­ Provence, within sight of the Verdon.

In the South­East of France, come visit our Rural Self­Catering Gites « Les Angelvins » nesting in the middle of a somptuous plateau planted with almon trees and lavenders which is itself located in the Valensole countryside (2 km away from the town), representing your typical Haute Provence place.

You are going to be delighted by the quietness this bright sunny area has to offer.

Incidentally, Valensole town earned its name well as it comes from Latin Vallis and Solis which means « The Sun Valley ».

Valensole town is an ideal place to discover the Provence region and, in particular, other locations such as the Gorges du Verdon (30 km away), Moustiers­Sainte­Marie village, Esparron and Sainte- Croix' lakes (20 km away) that offer swimming, fishing and other aquatic activities, the Lubéron and its fair share of charming villages, the Haut­Var region...

The accomodations are also located close to the Chaîne du Soleil spa resort in Gréoux les Bains town (10 km away).

2 accomodations, one bigger and one smaller, ideal for family holidays or for a trip between friends


visite Gg accueilWe offer seasonal lodging on a weekly rent. Two self­catering holiday homes separate from one GDF logo sans ombreanother are available all year round at an unchanged price as heating is covered during winter. Both are furnished with with all the usual domestic and traditional comfort: kitchen, living room, dining room and equipped toilets.

High­speed internet available.

- Possibility of renting a lodge with riding stables: horse and rider

- Guestrooms on a nightly rent.

- Special discount allowed to spa clients (Gréoux les Bains' spa resort), concerning a 3 weeks stay.

Feel free to look up the « bigger accomodations » and « smaller accomodations » pages to find out about our prices, our availability and more...

Set up at the heart of a farm housing poultry and sheep, you will find these traditional farm­based products, especially including organic olive oil and lavender.

Late fall on Valensole's plateau offers a very charming view as well by the magnificent luminosity of its autumnal shades which you may admire during the numerous rambles, the cycling dirt roads, mushroom picking activities depending on the weather, regional marketplace visits in order to discover the various small surrounding Provençal villages and, why not, giving a try to Greoux les Bains' or Digne les Bains' resorts to have a little wellness session.

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